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Nu Ag (pronounced “New Age”) Academy is a high performance sports academy that aims to optimize the sporting performance of aspiring athletes through a holistic approach to personal development and  performance management.


Through the seamless application of our developmental framework underpinned by analytics and insights, we strive to revolutionise the future of South African Sports, as well as deeply contribute to the advancement of healthier mindsets in the communities we operate in.


Our program is underpinned by a segmentation model, that is based on the players proficiency levels, and the individual’s personal goal with regard to that sporting code. Each player in our network is then offered a personalized experience of the academy, at each critical touch point in their journey.


Furthermore, our program is underpinned by a health and nutrition component, ensuring our players have access to proper nutrition as they look to achieve their goals – including a community integration component that ensures that our players are connected to the communities they operate in, thus contributing to their social and emotional well-being.


Finally, our madness is informed by carefully designed data models that offer insights and analytics into player performance, and are used as the pillars on which the performance of the players is managed.



To become a globally recognised high performance sports institute


To enhance and improve the quality of sports performance in Africa


To intentionally invest in the development of female athletes in Racket Sports


High Performance Coaching

At Nu Ag Sports Academy, we provide exceptional coaching services delivered by our elite coaches. We will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and techniques you need to take your athletic performance to the next level. Discover how we can help you meet your athletic goals today.

Group Training Services

We understand that every athlete has unique goals and needs. That's why Nu Ag provides top-notch group training services that are tailored to your playing level and age. Our experienced coaching staff is committed to helping you improve your skills and achieve your full potential in a supportive and inclusive setting.

School/ Club Coaching

Are you looking for a sports academy that truly cares about your team's success? At Nu Ag, we have a dedicated coach for all your club or school needs. With our personalized training programs, your athletes will get the one-on-one attention they need to excel on the field or court.


We have partnered up with top squash clubs in South Africa to launch our Nu Ag Squash Academies, that aim to grow the sport in the community through our development programs, develop local junior talent for competition, and provide high performance training for all club members.

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