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Player Code of Conduct

This agreement is made between Nu Ag Academy and (The Player).

The player recognises that their behaviour will reflect upon Nu Ag Academy and the sport. Accordingly, a player will agree to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times while participating in Nu Ag Academy sanctioned activity, in addition to activities sanctioned by ESF, WSF, PSA and WSA.

Furthermore, the player undertakes:

  • To make a positive commitment to supporting and achieving the aims and objectives of Nu Ag Academy.

  • To ensure they arrive on time and stay for the duration of every squad session, working/learning and demonstrating progress and development within their squash.

  • To accept and abide by all the policies and procedures currently adopted in relation to activity delivered by Nu Ag Academy.

  • Not to partake of or be in possession of alcohol at any Nu Ag Academy sanctioned activity, including squads and tournaments.

  • When away with the Nu Ag Academy team or squad, not to be in a hotel room on their own with a member of the opposite sex, unless for a team meeting convened by the manager / coaching team.

  • To ensure that no substances from the World Anti-Doping Agency prohibited list are taken and the principles of 100% ME are adhered to.

  • To conduct themselves, at all times when training, competing or on duty as a member of the Nu Ag Academy in a correct and proper manner that does not bring Nu Ag Academy, the sport, any commercial partner or themselves into disrepute.

  • To project a favourable and positive image of the sport and Nu Ag Academy by adopting high standards of behaviour and appropriate dress standards when playing, training or carrying out duties in relation to Nu Ag Academy.

  • To behave reasonably and in a manner, that shows proper respect for all Nu Ag Academy staff, officials and fellow players when training or competing and also when residing in hotel accommodation.

  • To train and play to the best of their ability and to keep Nu Ag Academy fully informed of any change of circumstances (such as injury or illness) that may affect their ability to train or compete to the highest standards.

  • To keep Nu Ag Academy informed of any changes to their personal circumstances, such as any change of permanent residential address.

  • To ensure that their partners or family, if in attendance at any Nu Ag Academy sanctioned activity will not interfere detrimentally in either preparation or participation at said activity.

  • To ensure that they never make statements to the media related to Nu Ag Academy and its activities without the full knowledge and prior permission of the management.

  • Appointed Team Managers are vested with Nu Ag Academy authority to make decisions and take actions with sole and absolute discretion within the bounds of this agreement.


Please note when a player is away in a training or competition environment with the Nu Ag Academy Team, the Team Manager and Coaches will act in the best interest of the players in loco parentis. Notwithstanding anything which might be implied to the contrary in this agreement, for any Nu Ag Academy sanctioned activity, Team Managers shall have the power to withdraw any player from an event at any time for reasons which the management considers appropriate, having first taken due note of any comments which the Player has made. Such reasons may be for injury, ill health, or misconduct, but are not restricted to these areas.

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